🎉 ScreenPlay V0.9 released! VP9 Video import support for better hardware acceleration on newer Nvidia and AMD cards!

Published on Feb 08, 2020 by Elias Steurer | Kelteseth


ScreenPlay is an Open-Source Live Wallpaper and Widgets app for Windows (and soon Linux & MacOSX) written in modern C++/Qt/QML and is in active development since early 2017 on Gitlab.

You can download ScreenPlay via Steam for free!

Major Changes

🎉 VP9 import support. This can significantly increase your performance on newer NVidia hardware!


🎉 HTML Walpaper wizard


This release also fixes the detection of the Steam Workshop path for initial installations!


  • 16dbcab Bump version to 0.9
  • 9731b61 Formatting (1.000 commit :)
  • 6e39f0b Change background overlay strength
  • 8b38224 Change creating wallpaper popup. We now properly close the save timer popup and switch the navigation to Installed


  • d50b4ad Add simple replacement of wallpaper
  • 734adf8 Add basic html wallpaper creation
  • 9c7bf62 Add mostly empty html wallpaper wizard
  • be5e247 Add dynamic width an height for wizards
  • 5ae555d Add help for choosing codec
  • 7a9769f Add enum for video codec selection
  • 8ea07ff Add multi step video import Wizard
  • cf9ae79 Add qdoc for CI
  • 9c49732 Add for linux Move media files into .gitlab folder Change readme to better help with linux setup process


  • 0e92a32 Fix casing of the ScreenPlaySDK
  • dddab50 Fix some linux compile issues
  • 22dba2b Fix CI ubuntu paths
  • ca131f7 Fix qdoc generation for windows
  • 17e3d91 Fix window minimizing when user presses minimize all windows. This apparently also fixes some overlay problems. This closes #53
  • 766edd5 Fix create button text overflow and add tooltip
  • a2cd405 Fix #45
  • 19b3bf9 Fix not clickable navigation by replacing it with the official quick controls navigation
  • e217c7f Fix html wallpaper using invalid paths
  • 5b8d4f5 Fix missing filepath when creating wallpaper
  • f72e54e Fix 1px window border
  • 6f3019b Fix workshop detectionAdd debug outputs for easier debugging
  • 36938b8 Fix wallpaper start
  • 9e85f2e Fix qmake variable overrides triggering wrong {}