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ScreenPlay is an open source cross plattform app for displaying Wallpaper, Widgets and AppDrawer. It is written in modern C++17/Qt5/QML. Binaries with workshop support are available for Windows (soon Linux & MacOSX) via Steam.

Download ScreenPlay via Steam!

Latest Releases:

V 0.12 - 04.09.2020

Steam Workshop, Instant Wallpaper Replacement & Profile Savings!

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V 0.11 - 06.06.2020

Dark Mode, cmake, OSX, big cleanup and many fixes!

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V 0.10 - 14.03.2020

Massive performance increase and wallpaper mouse interactions!

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V 0.9 - 08.02.2020

Ui Fixes and new Wizards

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V 0.8 - 26.01.2020

Multilingual support & Widgets

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V 0.7 - 31.12.2019

Better video import and QtQuick3d Wallpaper

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ScreenPlay has been in active development since early 2017 by Elias Steurer. Anyone can contribute via Gitlab. See all releases.



Decorate your desktop with the prettiest wallpapers. They can be video, web or custom wallpaper!

Steam Workshop

Pick from a vast collection of content from the Steam Workshop! Or upload your own creations :)


Bring your ideas to life with no programming skills required. Easily create your own content with QML!

Open Standards

We use exclusively open standards for our software! Choose between VP8 and VP9 for your video wallpaper!

HDR & 4k Support

We support HDR and 4k wallpaper. Also our App is optimized for high DPI screens!

Free as in Freedom

ScreenPlay is licensed under a dual licensed AGPLv3. This app is and always will be open source!

State of the art Webengine

We ship with the latests open source Chromium, so you can always use the latests web features!

Dark mode

You can switch between a build in dark and light theme. Your eyes do not need to burn in the dark

Ultra Widescreen & High Framerate Support

We support all widescreen formats! The app is tested on a wqhd 21:9 144hz monitor!

Latest blog posts:

Workshop content

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